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Advantage of remote control for gantry cranes

Apr 09, 2020
Remote control for gantry cranes has the following advantages:

1. save human effort

a. For the loading and unloading gantry crane, the operation can be undertaken by one person, and the operator can look directly at the operation without command.
b. For gantry crane with low working efficiency, one person can manage multiple crane equipment at the same time.
c. While the gantry crane is operating, it can complete the control and management of its related conveyor belts, feeders, transport trucks and other equipment.

2. Improve work efficiency

a. Because the operator and the ground command are undertaken by one person, the operator can make his own judgment and carry out the operation, which improves the accuracy and efficiency of the operation.
b. It avoids the misunderstanding between the operator and the ground command, and is suitable for precision installation operations such as equipment assembly.
c. Eliminates the inconvenience caused by the driver getting on and off the gantry crane.

3. Improvement of environmental safety

In the workplace with toxic gas, high temperature, dust and danger, can choose a location with good environment and safe operation. The safety of the operator is protected.
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