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Analysis of gantry crane motors faults

Oct 11, 2019
1. The motor does not have a starting torque, or it cannot start when gantry crane is unload, and an abnormal sound is emitted. 
The reason:
a. The three-phase power supply circuit (including the switch and the lead stator winding) has one phase power-off, resulting in single-phase start;
b. The power supply voltage is too low.
c. The bearing is excessively worn, causing the stator and the rotor to be different, and the air gap is not uniform.
2. The starting torque of the motor is small, and it cannot be started when there is load. When the load increases, the motor stops, sometimes it emits strong noise and high temperature.
The reason:
The grid voltage is low, the winding has a turn-to-turn short circuit, and there is a disconnection or de-soldering phenomenon in the rotor winding. After the start-up, the one-phase disconnection causes single-phase operation.
3. The starting current is large, and it is unbalanced, and the sound is loud, causing the protection device to operate and cut off the power.
The reason:
The stator winding wiring method may be incorrect, and the winding insulation is aging to ground.
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single girder gantry crane

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