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Commander requirement of gantry crane

Dec 30, 2019
1. The commander should be responsible for weight calculation of load and correct selection of rigging.
2. The gantry crane commander is responsible for taking necessary precautions against possible accidents.
3. When the gantry crane commander sends out the hook or load drop signal, there should be personal and equipment safety measures to protect the load drop site.
4. When starting to command the lifting load, use the micro-motion signal to command; when the load is 100 to 200 mm off the ground, stop the lifting and perform a test hoisting. After confirming that it is safe and reliable, use the normal lifting signal to direct the weight to rise.
5. When the gantry crane is operating in rainy or snowy weather, it should be tested first and the brakes can be checked for sensitivity and reliability before normal lifting operations can be performed.
6. When commanding from a height, the commander should strictly observe the safety requirements.
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