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Design of windproof device of gantry crane

Mar 20, 2020
Gantry cranes are generally provided with windproof devices. Some of the windproof devices control the active wheels, and some control all the crane wheels, which play a certain role in resisting the threat of wind load. The gantry crane works outdoors and often encounters strong winds. Therefore, the windproof device is a necessary safety device of gantry crane.
Windproof devices can only prevent strong wind from attacking by controlling all crane wheels. When the wind pressure is less than 250N / m2, the active wheels of the brake can stop the gantry crane smoothly. When the wind pressure is more than 250N / m2, all crane wheels must be braked.
In order to achieve this, the secondary brake can be applied to the gantry crane. First brake the active wheels, and then brake all wheels after a delay of 6 seconds. 
When the wind pressure is less than 250N / m2, the first braking has stopped the gantry crane smoothly, and the second braking can be used as a measure to prevent greater wind power. 
When the wind pressure is greater than 250N / m2, although the first braking does not stop the gantry crane smoothly, it has reduced the speed, and then the second braking can make the gantry crane stop smoothly. This can not only ensure the effective braking, but also the stability of the gantry crane.
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