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Difference between elevator and crane machine wire rope

Nov 04, 2019
There are differences between the wire rope of the elevator and crane machine. The difference between the two is mainly reflected in the difference in the implementation standards, the manufacturing process and the manufacturing materials.
The wire rope of the elevator adopts the industry standard of B8903-2005, and the common structure is 8*19S, such as sisal rope core wire rope. Elevator wire rope is precise on structure, softness and have good fatigue resistance; the outer tensile strength of the wire rope is lower than the internal tensile strength to reduce the wear of the pulley groove.
The wire rope of crane machine adopts the industry standard GB8918-2006. Steel wire ropes with a diameter of less than 15 mm are mostly 6*19. While wire ropes with a diameter of more than 18 mm, it is often multi-strand rotating wire ropes. Multi-strand rotating wire ropes are often used on crane machines with heavy loads. According to the application occasion, the cargo wire rope is mostly point contact wire rope, such as 6*19, 6x37b.
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