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Electric hoist gantry crane preparation work

Nov 11, 2019
First of all, close all power supply, check the connection of each fixed parts according to the drawing size and technical requirements, whether the connection of each transmission mechanism is accurate and flexible, whether the metal structure is deformed, and the winding of the steel wire rope on the electric hoist.
Then, check whether the installation and erection of the gantry crane meets the relevant regulations for installation and erection.
In terms of electrical equipment, the following work must be completed before the test can be carried out.
1. Check the insulation resistance of the circuit system and all electrical equipment with a megohmmeter;
2. In the case of disconnection of the power line, verify the correctness of the control circuit and whether the rotating parts of all the operating devices are flexible and reliable (lubrication if necessary);
3. Electrical equipment should work normally, and special attention must be paid to the operational reliability of electromagnets, limit switches, safety switches and emergency switches.
double girder gantry crane