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Gantry crane braking device

Feb 17, 2020
Maintenance and repair of gantry crane braking device
* Check whether there is noise during the operation and whether the heat dissipation is good;
* Check and adjust the clearance between gantry crane brake shoes and brake wheels;
* Check the brake springs and tie rods for defects such as fatigue deformation and cracks;
* Check the lubrication of various parts such as the gearbox, reduction gearbox, external gear, and whether there is hydraulic oil leaking;
* Always check whether the oil filter is clogged and whether the adjustment value of the safety valve has changed after use;
* There should be no dirt on the friction surface of the brakes of each mechanism, and any dirt must be washed away with gasoline or thin materials;
* Check whether there is fatigue crack on the tread and axle of the wheel, whether the wheel tread is worn out of the axle, and whether or not the track phenomenon occurs during operation.
double girder gantry crane