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Gantry crane dynamic load

Dec 09, 2019
When the gantry crane is not working or the load is stationary. Its dead weight and lifting load are at rest. When the gantry crane is working, the motion state changes, and the dynamic load effect increases the original static load value. The increased part is the dynamic load. It is an important basis for strength calculation and also has an impact on fatigue calculation.
Dynamic loads include inertia loads generated by the structure's own weight and lifting load during variable-speed movements; impact loads due to the impact of wheels passing through uneven track joints or moving parts on bumpers; inertia loads and impact loads make the metal structures and mechanisms elastic The system generates a vibrating load.
The dynamic load is related to the direction of movement and working speed, and to structural factors (such as the distribution of system mass, system stiffness and damping, etc.), and to the use conditions (such as the size of the external load and its change law. Whether there is impact, etc.) . For calculation convenience, it is usually expressed by dynamic coefficient (ratio of dynamic load to static load). In use, generally refer to the gantry crane design specifications and relevant manual selection according to the actual situation.
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