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Gantry crane electrical connection

Oct 28, 2019
Gantry cranes are generally classified into ground handling and operating room operations according to the type of operation. The electrical system of the ground-operated gantry crane and its associated electric hoist and other equipment consists of the power supply introduction device, the running control box, the electric hoist control box, the traveling limit switch and lifting limit switch, and the control button (remote control operation). Due to the different control methods, the gantry crane of the control room also adds speed control resistors, cam controllers and the others.
The electrical installation of the gantry crane is generally carried out by professional electrical technicians at the equipment installation site. The manufacturer only determines the length of the cable, and connects the copper wiring nose to the cable. The remaining wires can only be cut on site; then the wire number is used. The root is connected to the terminals of the electrical component or motor.
Due to the constraints of the installation environment, testing methods and installation equipment, the reliability and accuracy of the gantry crane cable connection are poor, so the line must be shockproof and contacted multiple times, so as not to affect the performance of the gantry crane and waste installation time, avoiding electrical appliances or damage to the motor.
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