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Gantry crane machinery safety technical file

Oct 17, 2019
The gantry crane machinery enterprise shall establish the equipment safety technical file, and the gantry crane machinery file includes:
1. The gantry crane machinery echnical information, product certification, use and maintenance instructions, vulnerable parts drawings, electrical principles, electrical component layout drawings, necessary safety accessories type test reports, and supervision and inspection documents.
2. Technical data, installation location, and activation time required during the gantry crane installation process.
3. The acceptance certificate issued by the special equipment inspection agency or the regular "Inspection Report".
4. Daily maintenance, overhaul, alteration, inspection and test records.
5. The gantry crane accidents and personal accident records.
6. The gantry crane safety evaluation of the superior competent department.
7. Maintenance and inspection records of gantry crane and safety accessories, safety protection devices, measurement and control devices and related auxiliary instruments and meters.
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