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Gantry crane motor failure

Dec 06, 2019
Sometimes, the voltage of the gantry crane motor is normal, but the crane is not working. This needs to consider other reasons:
1. The motor is burned, and the motor needs to be replaced;
2. The gantry crane has not been used for a long time, and the brake wheels and end caps are rusted due to reasons such as poor maintenance. The brake wheels should be removed, the rusted surfaces should be cleaned, and then the test run should be restarted;
3. If the motor is severely purged, the motor will not rotate, should be stopped and overhauled or replaced to ensure the normal operation of the gantry crane;
4. It is strictly forbidden to use gantry crane for overload. When the cargo is overloaded excessively, which will burn the motor when it is serious, and even cause an accident.
double girder gantry crane