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Gantry crane overload limiter calibration

Nov 18, 2019
After the gantry crane overload limiter is installed, it needs to be calibrated according to the rated lifting weight of the alarm. The method is: hanging the load corresponding to the alarm weight on the gantry crane, after the load is stationary, turn the “weight control” knob on the instrument panel until an audible and visual alarm signal is issued, and then adjust the potentiometer of the digital display instrument, so that the meter displays a value equal to the actual lifting weight.
Use the same method to calibrate the rated lifting capacity so that the gantry crane can cut off the power of the lifting circuit when it is overloaded. After the potentiometer knobs are adjusted, they should be locked and sealed with paint. If no special adjustment, the knob is not allowed to be rotated.
single girder gantry crane