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Gantry crane protection guardrail and fence

Sep 19, 2019
1. The gantry crane which are exposed and have the possibility of injury should install protective parts, such as couplings, sprockets and chains, transmission belts, pulleys, protruding pin keys, etc.
2. Protective railings shall be installed on the outside of the gantry crane that may cause personnel to fall. The height of the guardrail shall be ≥1 050 min, the spacing of the columns shall be ≤100mm, the spacing of the crossbars shall be 350-380 mm, and the bottom shall be equipped with a bottom panel (skirting board).
3. Sliding line guards shall be provided under the end beam of the gantry crane to prevent the sling from coming into contact (except for the safe closed slip line).
4. The front edge of the gantry crane wheel shall be equipped with a sweeping plate, which is ≤10mm from the rail surface.
5. The gantry crane aisle plate shall be welded with a pattern steel plate with a thickness of ≥ 4 mm. There shall be no warping, skewing, severe corrosion or de-soldering. There should be no reserved holes in the room.
double girder gantry crane