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Gantry crane pulleys common faults, treatments and precautio

Aug 19, 2019
Common faults, treatments and precautions for gantry crane pulleys

First, the common faults of gantry crane pulleys are as follows:
1. Uneven pulley pulley wear;
2. The pulley mandrel wear amount is 3 to 5% of the nominal diameter;
3. The pulley does not rotate;
4. The pulley is tilted and loose;
5. Pulley crack or rim break.
Second, the treatment
1. The wear of the wheel groove wall is 1/10 of the original thickness, and the radial wear amount, should be replaced when the wire diameter is 1/4;
2. Regularly lubrication and overhaul;
3. The positioning parts on the shaft are loose, or the wire rope jumps for inspection and replacement.
Third, preventive measures
1. Check whether the material is uniform, whether the installation meets the requirements, and whether the rope and the wheel are in good contact;
2. Regularly check the mandrel and wire rope wear;
3. Regularly check whether the positioning parts on the shaft are loose;
4. Regularly check the wear of the pulley.
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