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Gantry crane rail welding

Nov 28, 2019
The gantry crane track joints welds is from bottom to top: bottom of the track, middle of the rail, rail head, and builds up welding layer by layer to repair the surroundings;
The range of the two rail ends is 40mm, and the preheating is performed at the same time;
bottom welding (priming): current 120A ~ 130A, to prevent the permanent carbon steel plate from burning through and melting the copper plate, thereby reducing the difficulty of removing the copper plate and shortening the air cooling time of the track to help maintain the inter-layer temperature;
After each layer is welded, the slag must be removed to continue welding;
Middle welding: current 130 ~ 140A, welding from the lower to top, pay attention to slag removal;
Rail head welding: The current is 130 ~ 140A. can be welded after the copper pallet is installed, pay attention to the slag removal once per layer. Make repair welding to the unwelded full area around the weld.
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