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Gantry crane signal and lighting

Aug 15, 2019
In addition to the ground-operated gantry crane, all other single girder gantry cranes and double girder gantry cranes should be equipped with signal sound devices, and the large duty gantry crane should be equipped with an audible alarm device.
The three-phase main line of gantry crane should be equipped with indicator lights, the color is yellow, green and red. When the rail length is >50m, the indicator light should be set at both ends of the sliding line, and the driver's room power supply indicator should be set under the main power knife.
Gantry crane cab lighting should use 24V and 36V safety voltages. Under the bridge beam, the anti-vibration deep lampshade should be used, and a 10mm×10mm heat-resistant protective net should be installed under the lampshade.
The lighting source should be an independent power source.
Single girder gantry crane
single girder gantry crane

Double girder gantry crane
double girder gantry crane