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Gantry cranes ground protection measures

Apr 07, 2020
The metal structure of gantry crane must have reliable electrical connections. Generally, gantry cranes working on the track can be grounded by wheels and tracks, the ground wire connection should be made of flat steel with a cross section of not less than 15 square meters or copper wire of 10 square meters and connected by welding. 
Under normal circumstances, the metal structure of the gantry crane and the metal casing of all electrical equipment, the ducts of the cables, the metal sheath of the cables and the driver's cab are reliably connected to the wheels of the crane. The gantry crane grounding should be on the connection between the running track and the ground should meet the following qualified requirement.
1. The ground resistance at any point on the gantry crane is not greater than 4 ohms.
2. If flat steel is used, the cross section of the ground wire is not less than 15mm, and the copper wire is not less than 10mm.
3. The ground wire and the ground body, the ground wire and the crane track must be reliably welded.
4. Metal jumpers are welded at the joints of the two rail joints of the crane rail.
double girder gantry crane