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Hook of electric crane equipment

Sep 26, 2019
The hook is an important part of the electric crane equipment. It is complicated in force. In addition to bearing the weight of the heavy object, it must also withstand the impact load generated during lifting and braking, the hooks will be inevitably cracked after long time using. Once the hook is cracked during use, it will cause serious personal and crane equipment damage.
"Safety Regulations for Hoisting Machinery" GB6067-85 and related standard specifications stipulate that cracks are strictly prohibited on the crane equipment hooks.
At present, the hooks of electric crane equipment are forged hooks, especially below 75t, and the commonly use the 20# high-quality carbon steel, pass the forging stamping heat treatment and hook-end machining. According to the characteristics of the hook and the force condition, the hook has three main stress zones, and the conventional on-site macroscopic inspection method is adopted.
The cracks on the hook are generally very small. It is difficult to find microscopic cracks, if the crack can be found, the crack is already very serious. Therefore, once the crack is found, it must be replaced with a new one.
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