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How to check the gantry crane safety protection

Sep 02, 2019
The gantry crane safety protection device shall be sensitive and reliable and meet the design requirements. The pressure of the hydraulic overload protection device, the mechanical, electronic and comprehensive overload protector alarm, and the comprehensive error of the power source set point shall be met the design requirements.
Gantry cranes in the open track should check whether the components are deformed or defective, such as the rail clamp, iron shoes, anchoring devices, and ensure the reliability of their independent work.
Check whether all kinds of protective covers, guardrails, guards, ladders, etc. on the gantry crane are complete and reliable; the rotating parts such as couplings, sprockets, chains and transmission belts have protective covers, pedestrian passages on the cranes, ladders should have a fence. The outdoor gantry crane should be equipped with a rain cover.
Should check whether the electrical accessories are complete, whether the mechanical fixing is firm, no looseness, no jamming; the power supply cable is not aged or exposed; the insulating material should be good, no damage and deterioration; the connection parts of bolt contacts and brushes should be reliable; The electrical equipment and electrical components selected for use shall be compatible with the power supply and the working environment and working conditions.
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