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How to prevent electric shock from lifting work

Jul 08, 2019
1. Safety distance: When the gantry crane is working, the minimum distance between the spreader, wire rope and heavy objects and the transmission line should not be less than the specified requirements: less than 1KV voltage, minimum distance is 1.5m; 1~35KV voltage, minimum distance is 3m; greater than 60KV, minimum distance are calculated as [0.01(V-50)+3]m.
2. What should do if the gantry crane get an electric shock during operation?
During the hoisting operation, if get an electric accident, the gantry crane is still in the same potential (ie no voltage difference). The current of the gantry crane will not cause damage through the human body. The driver should keep calm and the personnel should put the danger district isolation, make other personnel far away from thius area, then cut off the power. 
If can't cut off the power, the driver should close all the joysticks, then jump off the crane. The driver's body can't touch the crane body. After jumping down, continue to close your feet and jump out of the danger zone, the safe distance is at least 20m.
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