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How to prevent rust for gantry cranes

Aug 26, 2019
Gantry crane belongs to large-scale industrial machinery and is widely used in construction engineering. If the gantry crane does not put into work for a long time, it is easy to cause rust. Therefore, rust prevention is a very important task for gantry crane. So how do we carry out rust prevention for gantry cranes?
1. When the gantry crane is to be shut down for maintenance, the entire surface must be inspected. It is best to ensure that all areas have a surface paint film.
2. During the process of rust prevention, shoulad pay attention to the rotary parts of the gantry crane. It can be painted with diesel oil of No.-10 or No.-20, which can not only remove the substances that are easy to corrode the equipment, but also make the an oil film on the crane surface to resist low temperature.
3. During the inspection, if found the paint film of the metal structure is damaged, it is necessary to clean these damaged places, and then coat these places with apply anti-rust paint, such as anti-rust paint.
4. In addition to cleaning and lubricating with diesel, it is also necessary to apply a layer of lubricating oil. It is best to choose calcium-based or lithium-based greases because they have a good effect on maintaining of the machine's performance. And when the gantry crane is used again, these greases are better removed.
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