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Mid-Autumn Festival moon cakes

Sep 12, 2019
When it comes to moon cakes, its "first ancestor" is the "Tai Shi cake" in the Yin and Zhou Dynasties, are used to commemorate the Taishi Wenzhong. But the Zhongzhong is a character in the virtual literature, it does not exist in the official history. Therefore, the historical materials of the moon cake are more limited and little known.
Until the Tang Dynasty, there was a clear historical record. In the "Luo Zhong Jian Wen", it was said that when the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Tang dynasty sent a moon cake to the scholar. This is the earliest clear record of moon cakes. At the time of the Northern Song Dynasty, moon cakes became popular in the court, and passed to the folks. And, the moon cakes gradually formed a circular prototype, indicating the yearning for the family reunion.
In fact, moon cakes are the offerings of ancient sacrifices, and they are not directly related to the Mid-Autumn Festival. The worship of the moon god is a long-standing historical tradition. Ancient people have a special belief in the moon god. They believe that by worshipping the moon god, they can ask for good weather, good fortune, family and harmony. Moon cakes are offerings for worship, but there is no the nane of "moon cake" at the time.
And people have a special plot for the full moon, the full moon is given a magical sign. Therefore, the moon worship activities were scheduled for the August 15th of the lunar calendar. Also, because the form of the festival is a family gathering, the Mid-Autumn Festival has the meaning of reunion.
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