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Mobile gantry crane after-sale service

Aug 29, 2019
1. Full remote operation adopts PLC programmed frequency converter control, adjustable speed, and we can produce the mobile gantry crane in 30m/min speed.
2. Continental designed style of main beam, automatic welding, compact structure, small size and light weight improves the working space.The standard mobile gantry crane warranty is 16 months,the high crane warranty is 2 years, the mainframe warranty is 10 years, and we provide free technical guidance of the whole crane in its life.
3. Adopt anti-convolve roll our company independent researched and developed. It overcomes the inclined hanging problems.
4. Electric hoist up, down with double protection measures, accidents caused by the improper operation can be effectively avoided.
5. All the motors on mobile gantry crane have over-current, over-voltage, no-voltage protection and overload protection.These can effectively solve the security problems caused by overload.
6. There is optical limiting protection device when the mobile gantry crane is running to both ends of the rail, more accurate and reliable it can control the crane running on and off accurately and reliably,solve the unpredictable consequences of a switch failure.
7. The main power of mobile gantry crane using the new seamless wire, light weight, easy installation, no maintenance, equipped with dual pantographs, glide speed can ensure continuous power supply.
8. Electric appliances adopt famous domestic brands such as chint, delixi, Siemens. And cables also adopt Jiangsu, Tianjin, Henan and other well-known manufacturers. Customers can also specify that manufacturers to purchase.
9. All mobile gantry cranes must be pre-assembled and tested corresponding weight before leaving factory and offer the certification of test, and each crane is equipped with spare parts, maintenance manuals, operating procedures and other information.
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