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Mobile gantry crane model selection

Aug 01, 2019
Depending on the lifting weight and lifting height, taking into account other conditions on site, find the appropriate specifications from the mobile gantry crane's technical performance list.
The greater the lifting capacity of the mobile gantry crane, the more difficult it is to fully utilize its various performances in the hoisting project, and the lower the utilization rate. Therefore, as long as the lifting technology requirements can be met, it is not necessary to select an oversized tonnage model.
The economic performance of mobile gantry crane
The principle of selecting the comprehensive economic performance standard of the crane is to make the unit price of the material or component in transportation, hoisting and loading and unloading low. Therefore, the unit price of the material can be calculated by the starting weight of the bench and the cost of the shift, and then the lower one is selected. In addition, we should also consider products with less energy consumption and more functions to reduce the labor intensity. In summary, should select the crane with the model specifications that provide effective use and benefit at present and in the future.
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