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Outdoor gantry cranes in different working environments

Jul 29, 2019
1. Grease pollution: Set the centralized storage facilities for waste grease at the outdoor gantry crane working site. Cotton yarn and gloves with grease should not be thrown away and disposed at the designated place.
2. A large amount of waste will be generated during construction: the waste shall be cleaned in time, and shall not be littered and thrown away, and must collect in a designated storage place.
3. Paint operations: The gantry crane operators should put on the protective facilities, take measures to prevent paint pollution, the discarded paint, thin materials should not be littered, and centralized recycling to the designated location for disposal.
4. Windy weather: If more the 6 level, the outdoor gantry crane must be carried out the lifting operations.
5. Rain and snow weather: The water and snow in the work area should be cleaned up. The gantry crane operation needs to be slow to prevent the crane from catching up because of the wet track.
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