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Precautions for gantry crane overhaul

Oct 24, 2019
When deciding that a gantry crane needs overhaul, what safety issues should pay attention to?
First of all, must ensure personal safety. During the overhaul process,  should pay attention to the safety hazards. When the machine is in dangerous tests, there should be sufficient space and protective facilities around the gantry crane or lifting accessories.
After the overhaul, must do a good job of tracking services, and must establish maintenance files for overhaul gantry crane. Within a certain period of time after repair, the gantry crane should be able to reach the specified operational performance and use status. If there is a failure within this period, the adjustment should be adjusted. If the fault is serious, such as mechanical damage, serious oil leakage, water leakage, air leakage and elctric leakage, etc., it should be disassembled for repair, and should be inspected by the repairing company and repaired in time so that the gantry crane after overhaul can be kept work in good condition as much as possible.
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