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Requirements for crane machine track concrete screed

Sep 16, 2019
1. The crane machine track concrete leveling layer has a strength grade of C30 and a thickness of 30 to 50 mm;
2. Before the construction of the concrete leveling layer, the installation deviation of the track beam should be checked as required. If does not meet the requirement, the track beam should be adjusted;
3. According to the measured elevation of the track beam surface, determine a suitable concrete screed top control level, and set a reference point for controlling the elevation every 214 ~ 310m on the track beam;
4. Measure with the instrument, adjust the elevation of the reference point, set the reference line of the top level of the leveling layer, and then install the template to remove the debris in the top surface of the track beam and the bolt hole, and block the upper hole of the bolt hole. The concrete can be poured after the water is wet;
5. The top surface of the leveling layer must be leveled and pressed, and there should be no stone exposure and unevenness;
6. During the construction, the instrument should be inspected at any time. The top surface of the screed must meet the following requirements: the top surface of the bolt is not more than ≤5mm in the width of 400mm; the height difference of the top surface of the bolt is ±3mm in any length of 610m; The top elevation difference is ±5m;
7. The concrete is mechanically agitated and should be strengthened during construction. When the concrete test block reaches the 75% strength design value, the rail installation work can be carried out.
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