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Selection of gantry crane installation company

Oct 08, 2019
Gantry crane, both its manufacturing and installation, it is required to be handled by a professional company. If the manufacturer company does not have the qualification for installation, you can choose a professional installation team with the "Special Equipment Installation (Maintenance) Safety Approval Certificate". Also pay attention to whether the qualification of the installation team meets the corresponding lifting capacity.
After the installation team is determined, need assist the installation team to check the installation equipment, installation procedures, technical requirements, installation acceptance records, self-test reports, etc.
After the gantry crane installation is completed, the installation team shall be supervised to carry out comprehensive self-inspection, operation test and load test.
After the pass acceptance, the user shall file the relevant technical data, such as technical data, installation information and inspection report.
Single girder gantry rane
single girder gantry crane

Double girder gantry crane

double girder gantry crane