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Single girder gantry cranes support legs

Apr 20, 2018
Gantry cranes are a commonly used lifting equipment with different models, can be divided into two type according to number of main beams: single girder gantry cranes and double girder gantry cranes.
The single girder gantry crane has a simple structure, is easy to manufacture and install, the main girders are mostly eccentrically box-shaped steel structures, is the most commonly used factory outdoor lifting crane.
The single girder gantry crane's support leg structure has two types: L type and C type.
The L-type support legs is easy to manufacture and install, with good stress conditions and low dead weight. The space between supports lehs is relatively small.
The C-type support legs are made to be inclined or curved so as to have a large lateral space for the cargo to pass through the legs.
single girder gantry crane