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Specific requirements for gantry crane commanders

Nov 07, 2019
1. The gantry crane commander must be 18 years of age or older, vision (including corrected vision) above 0.8, no color blindness, hearing can meet the requirements of working conditions;
2. The gantry crane commander must be trained in safety technology, pass the labor department examination and issue the safety technology operation certificate before proceeding with the command;
3. The gantry crane commander must strictly implement the GB5082--1985 standard to be accurate when communicating with the crane driver;
4. Gantry crane commanders should be familiar with GB6067-1985 "Safety Regulations for Hoisting Machinery" and LD48-1993 "Safety Regulations for Hoisting Tools and Rigging of Hoisting Machinery";
5. The gantry crane commander must be familiar with the technical performance before commanding the specified lifting machinery;
6. The gantry crane commander cannot interfere with the crane driver's choice of handle or knob;
7. Gantry crane commanders should wear distinctive signs and special color helmets.
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