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Static tension in gantry crane wire rope

Nov 14, 2019
During the operation of gantry crane, the force of each wire rope is very complicated, because the positions of the wires in the rope are different, even with simple tensile force, the force distribution between each wire rope is different. In addition, the wire rope bypasses the winding, the bending stress occurs during the pulley, the pressing force between the steel wires, so the calculation of the force is difficult, generally using static calculations.
The static tensile force in the gantry crane wire rope should meet the following requirements: Pmax ≤ Pd / n
Pmax——the static stress that can be withstood during the operation of the wire rope;
Pd - the breaking stress of the wire rope;
n - safety factor.
Q——the rated lifting capacity of the gantry crane;
q——hook group weight;
a - the total number of rope branches carried by the pulley block;
η - the total efficiency of the pulley block.
The calculation formula for the working tension of the wire rope is: P=Pd/n
P——rated static stress during wire rope operation
P ≥ Pmax is safe.
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