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The Lantern Festival

Mar 02, 2018
The Lantern Festival began in the Han Dynasty more than 2,000 years ago, is on the first full-moon night of the year (lunar January 15th). Since the Sima Qian created the "Taichu calendar", the Lantern Festival has been identified as a major festival.
This traditional festival custom has adapted to the general needs of the masses in Chinese society in terms of material, spiritual, ethical and aesthetic aspects, and has many unique food with different festivals. Lantern Festival, the whole family eat sweet dumplings, in Chinese, the "sweet dumpling" and "Family Reunion" is similar pronunciation, symbolize the roundness, live in harmony.
The Lantern Festival lies is a universal carnival, everyone involve and enjoy themselves, people eat sweet dumplings and other tasty food, go for temple fairs, hanging lanterns, fireworks, etc., bringing endless festive joy.

lantern festival