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15 ton single girder gantry crane deliver to Thailand

Oct 10, 2017
Single girder gantry crane is widely used at open ground, warehouses, railway sideways, steel plant, concrete yard to load, unload or grab materials. This Thailand Users need a gantry crane to handle their steel scrap, steel plate, we suggest the can use the single girder gantry crane with magnetic chuck or two hooks, and send them some machien photos we have manufactured for other users. At last, the user select the single girder gantry crane with two hook, because, they also want to use it for some other materials which are not steel or iron.

August, 25, 2017, the single girder gantry crane is finished.
Light weight: 15 ton
Light height: 10m
Span: 7.6m
with two electric hoist

gantry crane

gantry crane

gantry crane