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Box shape girder gantry crane

Dec 01, 2017
1. The box shape girder gantry crane is with advanced welding technology, the toughness and strength are perfect combination in the main girder and end carriages.
2. Electric equipment is installed in the girder, and the gantry crane electric panel room equip with an air cooler employs rock wool for heat insulation.
3. To reduce the radiation of molten steel, the thermal-protective coating is added at the bottom of the main girder.
Box shape girder gantry crane Motor: H class, IP55 is better design than truss gantry crane.
5. Electric cable and electric appliances is high-temperature resistance.
Box shape girder gantry crane adopt double-brake to guarantees high safety.
7. Steel-core wire rope makes itself more strength and toughness.
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