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BMH electric hoist semi gantry crane

Dec 22, 2017
In accordance with the needs of field operations, if the choice of electric single girder overhead cranes or electric hoist gantry crane are not suitable, you can consider semi gantry crane. The semi gantry crane one side run along the track on the wall or steel frame, the other end travel along the track on the ground. Semi gantry crane reduce equipment costs, improve space utilization, save production space.
BMH electric hoist semi gantry crane structure:
1. The structure: lifting mechanism, trolley, mian beam, support legs, electric control box and other components.
2. Drive: squirrel cage motor, reducer, brakes.
3. Operation method: wire ground controller, wireless control, driver cabin control.
4. Protection class: IP54, F-class insulation.
5. Accessories: high-strength wire rope, rain cover, wind lock, sweep rail and so on.

semi gantry crane
semi gantry crane