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Industrial gantry crane hook choose

Jan 24, 2018
Hooks are one of the main components of industrial gantry cranes. When choosing the industrial gantry crane hook, there should be the manufacturer technical certification document and identify the qualified performance. Hook surface should be smooth, no peeling, acute angle, cracks, etc., do not use the casting hook.
1. Material
a. Industrial gantry crane hook material should be high quality low carbon structural steel or low carbon alloy steel;
b. Generally, the forging hooks adopt the 20 steel in the provisions of GB 699-65 "quality carbon steel and general technical conditions";
c. Board hooks generally use A3, C3 steel which is specified in the GB 700-79 "ordinary carbon structural steel technical conditions", or 16Mn steel which is specified in the GB 1591-79 "low-alloy structural steel technical conditions".
2. Hook inspection
a. Industrial gantry crane hook load test should be based on national standards.
b. After unloading test load, there is no obvious defects and changes on the hook, and the opening degree increase should not exceed 0.25% of the original opening degree.
c. The hook should be able to reliably support 2 times the test rated load;
d. If the hook is process mature, stable quality, commonly materials, should be checked hardness piece by piece; with the same furnace number, same tonnage, same heat treatment, should carry out spot checks.
industrial gantry crane hook

industrial gantry crane hook