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Effect of contaminants on Industrial gantry crane hydraulic

Mar 23, 2018
The hydraulic system is the core of a industrial gantry crane, if some contaminants pollute the hydraulic system of industrial gantry crane, it will seriously affect the work efficiency. Therefore, must take necessary control measures against all possible sources of pollution.
In order to prevent the invasion of contaminants, the industrial gantry crane components must be cleaned before leave the factory to achieve the required degree of cleanliness.
If there is residual contaminants during assembly, must be cleaned after assembled. If there is pollution during the replacement and replenishment of oil, it should be timely precipitated for 24 hours and filtered.
When the industrial gantry crane tubing infiltrates the water, it is necessary to do a good job of removing water, keep the working environment and tools clean, thoroughly removing the cleaning fluid or degreaser that is incompatible with the working oil, and circulating the filtered oil after maintenance to clean the entire system.
The cylinder piston rod should adopt the reliable piston rod to strengthen the maintenance of the seal.
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