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Electric industrial gantry crane maintenance procedures

Dec 06, 2017
Electric industrial gantry crane maintenance procedures:
1. The wire rope and hook should be inspected at least once a week.
2. Regular inspect drum, pulley groove wear, can not have cracks, dropped and other issues.
3. Regular inspect the crane and trolley track fastening is tight, ensure all fixed points do not loose, open welding.
4. Check the brake, ensure it is sensitive and reliable, check the brake wheel wear.
5. Check the electric industrial gantry crane bearing seal situation.
6. Check the contactor, control contacts and cam roller lubrication.
7. Check the ALL lubricated parts, do a good job of lubrication, ensure electric industrial gantry crane maintain a good state.
8. Check the pin shaft is fixed and lubrication is good.
9. Regularly clean, remove the dirt on the electric industrial gantry crane.
10. Check the reducer, can appear oil spills problem.
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