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Gantry Crane Safety Protection Systems

Jun 23, 2017

Gantry Crane Safety Protection System

a. Overload protection: in the event of overload, the hoist unit switches off and only the lowering motion is possible
b. Long and cross travel limit: limit switches or wireless anti-collision device at the preliminary and final travel point
c. Anti-falling protection: the three-in-One electric motor of trolley and crane prevents from accidental falling 
d. Emergency stop switch: All movements can be switched off if some dangerous condition
e. Polyurethane buffer: High quality long time, the polyurethane buffers were fixed at the end of trolley travelling and crane travelling to prevent over traveling
f. Safety hook latch: avoid the lifted material out off from the hook
g. Audible and visual alarm device: inform the person there are something wrong with crane machine, to repair or stay away from travelling crane.
h. Rain Cover: gantry crane usually works outdoor, rain cover can keep the electric cabinet and driving mechanism from rain erosion
i. Protective earth conductor is fitted as standard
j. Voltage lower protection: can protect the power supply when overload, phase-failure, unbalanced, underload, ground / leakage, blocking, external failure and other conditions.
k. Current overload protection system

Double Girder Gantry Crane

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