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How to prevent gantry crane from overturning?

Oct 10, 2017
The gantry crane is made up of the traveling mechanism, the hoisting mechanism plus the metal mechanism, the power unit, the control mechanism and the necessary auxiliary device. If the operation is improper, the gantry crane may be flipped over, to prevent the gantry crane from  flipping over, please must note the following matters:
1. The gantry cranes traveling railway must be flat, solid, reliable, and the parking place must be flat. The underground soil and foundation pit must be compacted and reinforced. When necessary, gantry crane railway track need to lay the sleepers, subgrade box or thick steel plate track.
2. Gantry cranes should try to avoid full load, when full load or close to full load, strictly prohibit operating two movements at the same time, so as to avoid gantry crane overload to lead to rollover accidents because of the road uneven or inertia or other reasons.
3. When the two gantry cranes working together, the two hooks hanging between the suspension components should be kept more than 5 meters safe distance, to avoid collision; and the large components must identify the weight and band firmly.
4. When lifting, the sling should keep vertical, not obliquely drag, the gantry crane may be unstable due to overload, rope slip or rope cracked.