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Inspection of industrial gantry crane electrical parts

Nov 16, 2018
1. Resistor: Ensure there is no thorn, oxidation, the contact is good, and the electric appliance project does not exceed 300 °C.
2. Limit switch: Flexible, reliable and effective.
3. Contactor: The suction and closing action is normal, the contact close is well, and the arc extinguishing cover is complete.
4. Linkage station: The gear position is clear, the movement is flexible and reliable, and no stuck.
5. Towed cable part: The industrial gantry crane trolley is flexible, and the cable is well fixed.
6. Current collector: The contraction slides normally, and the slider wears 3/5 should be replaced.
7. Sliding line: The joint has no fire and the contact is good, the slide rails are parallel, and the industrial gantry crane insulator is intact.
8. Lighting: The light is bright and there is no virtual connection.
9. The door switch and the electric bell are working normally and effectively.
10. Motor: The foundation is strong and the sound is working normally. There is no burn marks on the slip ring, the first and second wires of the motor are in good contact, and the brush has no damage and fire.
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