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MG double beam gantry crane supplier

Oct 10, 2017
MG double beam gantry crane is also called double girder gantry crane, consist of bridge beam, cart running device, car parts, electrical equipment, etc. This double beam gantry crane is designed and manufactured based on GB/T14406-1993, is suitable to load, unload and transport various kinds of materials for outdoor warehouse, cargo yard, railway stations and ports.
Lifting weight: 10-50 t
Lifting height: up to 30 m
Span: 7.5-31 m
Working environment temperature: -20 ~ +40 oC
work level: A5, A6, A7, A8
Double beam gantry crane bridge structure is welded with box-shaped double-beam, can keep stable operation, good wind performance of the crane, the agencies are equipped with safety devices.
Electric hoist uses flexible cable conductive and cart uses sliding contact line or cable drum for power supply. 
The Double beam gantry crane is equipped with the ground, control room and remote control for users to choose to use. Standard control method is room control, all institutions are controlled in the cab with rainproof equipment.
double beam gantry crane