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MG double girder gantry crane design

Oct 30, 2018
MG double girder gantry crane is a kind of crane that can transport, lift, load and unload. It has large lifting load, large span and high efficiency, the technical features are as follows:
1. MG double girder gantry crane has many functions, such as single lifting, double lifting, and air micro-rotation;
2. Hooks are installed on both sides of the main beam on the trolley, which can lift separately, or the double hooks can move horizontally within 2m;
3. The gantry frame is a double main beam, and the variable section optimization design is adopted to improve the material utilization rate;
4. All lifting and running mechanisms on MG double girder gantry cranes are equipped with variable frequency speed control function;
5. The gantry frame rigid legs can be divided into single column type, double column type;
6. There are ladders on the side of the support legs and a walkway beside the main beams for maintenance of the crane lifting equipment;
7. MG double girder gantry crane is equipped with rail clamps, ground anchors, anchor chains, etc. to increase windproof ability.
double beam gantry crane