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Mobile Gantry crane safety switch failure

Jan 12, 2018
Mobile gantry crane is mainly used for outdoor freight yard, material yard, bulk cargo handling operations.
Mobile gantry crane safety switches include safety power supply switches and various types of limit safety protection, such as the overload protection. Safety switches are the most important safety protection device on mobile gantry cranes, the consequences can be disastrous if the safety switch fails.
In general, during mobile gantry cranes using, require safety switches to be checked their reliability on a shift-by-shift basis for each shift. And the safety switch needs to be re-adjusted after each change of wire or stringing rope.
If the mobile gantry crane safety switch fails, the reason may be that the safety switch internal parts have been stagnated or displaced, only need to adjust to continue using, and must follow the corresponding handling requirements. If the safety switches have been severely damaged or completely damaged, should be replaced immediately.
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