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Mobile gantry crane wheels rail gnawing

Jan 31, 2018
For some reason, mobile gantry crane cart or trolley wheels rim will rub against the rail track side, causing the wheels rim and rail track wear, this is rail gnawing. Gnawing rail is the mobile gantry crane common fault, need to be handled in time, the damage caused by rail gnawing include:
1. Shorten the service life of wheel
Mobile gantry crane wheels are quenched processing, the use life can generally reach more than 10 years.Once the rail gnawing and do not process in time, the wheels life will greatly reduce, to only 1 ~ 2 years.
2. Track wear
Gnawing rail will not only wear the wheels, also will wear rail track. If the track is worn seriously, it will lead to operating mechanism inconvenient operation, appear security risk, and ultimately need to replace the new track.
3. Increase operational resistance
When appear rail gnawing, trolley or cart running resistance will be more than the normal operation by 1.5 times, making the motor, transmission at full capacity, may burn the motor, break bearings.
mobile gantry crane

mobile gantry crane