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Semi gantry crane safety inspection and inspection cycle

Jan 10, 2018
Gantry crane includes semi gantry crane, with the crane more and more widely used, semi gantry crane operation safety is also more and more important.
a. Normal working semi gantry cranes, should check once two years;
b. After overhaul, and newly installed semi gantry crane and modified semi gantry crane, should inspect before delivery;
c. Semi gantry crane should be re-inspected if idle time is more than one year before re-use;
d. Semi gantry cranes should be inspected after a storm, an earthquake and a major accident, because that may cause damage to strength, stiffness, component stability, and so on.
e. The semi gantry crane which is Heavy workload or work in poor environment, the inspection cycle shall not be less than once a month.

Single girder semi gantry crane
single girder semi gantry crane

Double girder semi gantry crane
doubele girder semi gantry crane