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Shipbuilding gantry crane features

Nov 14, 2017
Shipbuilding gantry cranes are dedicated to the manufacture ships, can often be seen in shipbuilding yard, shipyard. During the ships manufacturing, use the shipbuilding gantry cranes to lift the hull parts, such as steel bar, steel plate, etc. to the manufacturing site.
Commonly, mostly used is the fixed shipbuilding gantry crane, requiring the rotating radius of the shipbuilding gantry crane to cover the area of shipbuilding, with the characteristics of large span and much higher lifting height. The main technical features are:

1. Gantrycrane beams have single girder, double girder two models.
2. With single lifting, double lifting, flip in the air and other functions.
3. All operating mechanism adopts frequency control.
4. Equipped with wind-proof device, set up a safe and reliable rail clamp.
5. Set a jib crane at top of main beam, used to complete the upper and lower trolley maintenance.