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Single girder gantry crane electric hoist configuration

Nov 24, 2017
Electric hoist is a lifting equipment, can be installed in the single girder bridge crane, single girder gantry crane, it is smaller, lighter weight, widely used in workshops, docks and storage and other places. In general, the electric hoist lifting capacity is 0.1t ~ 80t, lifting height is 3m to 30m.
Single girder gantry crane electric hoist configuration should be combined with the actual work needs, such as the single girder ganty crane is 5t lifting capacity, span is 1.4m, working level A5, lifting height 16 meters, the electric hoist configuration can be the following :
1. A set of lifting trolley parts, steel metal structures and operating mechanism
2. F series reducer type trolley
3. Inverter motor
4. Disc type lifting brake
5. QJR series lifting gear reducer
6. Inverter electrical control box
7. Programming system software, HPA4 printer
single girder gantry crane