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Single girder gantry crane manufacturer

Mar 12, 2018
The single girder gantry crane has reasonable structure, stable performance and convenient maintenance, and can be widely used in factory workshops, stockyards and other occasions. 
The single girder gantry cranes have thelifting capacity 2--30 tons, customers can choose according to their own use conditions. In the operation mode, can choose remote control operation, control room operation. The general use environment is between -20 degrees ~ +45 degrees. .
Jinrui crane single girder gantry cranes and other products are designed, produced according to the customers actual needs, and there are special construction teams to install and provide a two-year warranty.
At the same time, we also have other type cranes, such as bridge cranes, jib cranes, electric hoists, chain hoists, etc., as well as crane accessories, such as remote control, hooks, slide wire, pulley group, control systems.
single girder gantry crane