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Traveling gantry crane brake fault

Feb 05, 2018
Brake is one of the most important safety device on traveling gantry crane, can achieve hanging objects, does not fall, parking and other functions. During the process of operation, sometimes there will be insufficient brake force, failure, smoke and other failures. When the traveling gantry crane brake fails, in order to ensure the safety operation, need to timely deal with the fault. Common brake failures are:
1. Brake and gasket clearance is too large, resulting in traveling gantry crane brake failure. Brake and gasket clearance is too small, the operation will need to increase additional power consumption, increase brake pad wear;
2. The brake hinge is stuck, braking torque is too large, or hydraulic push rod loose, brake use the unqualified grease;
3. Brake pads and brake wheel appear oil dust accumulation;
4. The brake pads is worn seriously, main spring flexibility weakened.
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